Vivere Ischia

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Tuesday afternoon

Learn to recognize volcanic rocks and minerals with this easy hiking track on the biggest volcano of Ischia, as well as the endemic vegetation with the rare Cyperus, growing thanks to the volcanic gas.

Price: €18,00

Trekking to the Enchanted Forest

Friday afternoon

A walk through natural path at almost 700mt over the sea level from where you can enjoy the island at 360°.

Your guide will describe you the local vegetation as well as the different types of rocks.

Your walk will take you inside an enchanted forest that hides an ancient stone houses village.

Not to be

Price: €20,00

Astronomical Trekking


A fascinating night trekking through the wild nature of Ischia, to reach a strategic area where pointing the telescope to the stars that light up the Mediterranean night.

Price: €15,00

transfer service optional €8,00

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