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Painting with local artists

Would you like to learn the technique of landscape painting? This would be also a good opportunity to discover the most unspoiled spots of the island of Ischia. Led by expert local artists for an open air painting experience.

On request

The Aragonese Castle

Monday & Friday afternoon

The Castle is the symbol of Ischia in the world . There use to live more than 1000 families till only 200 years ago. It uses to be a meeting place of famous intellectuals and Kings of the past ages. Your guide will tell you the story and the gossip while visiting the churches, the Crypt with Giotto’s fresco, the prison , the torture tools museum and the Nun’s cemetery. A fascinating trip back on time.

Duration of the Tour: 2 hours

Price: €17,00

transfer service optional €8,00

Isola d'Ischia ...
Isola d'Ischia - Ischia - Il Castello Aragonese Isola d'Ischia - Ischia - Il Castello Aragonese

La Mortella gardens

THURSDAY afternoon

A Mediterranean and subtropical garden considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy where there are 1,800 species of plants.

Created by Susanna Walton and William Walton, famous British composer and designed by Russell Page one of the greatest British landscape’s architects of the twentieth century.

Your guide will describe you the rich vegetation with the rare plants and flowers, their origins and how in some cases they adapted or transformed with the clime.

The tour will end with a laboratory concerning the production of oxygen and the observation of insect and plants with the microscope.

Duration of the tour: 2hours

Price: €22,00

Transfer service optional €8,00

Giro dell'isola...
Giro dell'isola full day - Mortella Giro dell'isola full day - Mortella

Ravino gardens

SUNDAY morning

A collection of succulents and cactus unique in Europe, this beautiful garden is the result of 40 years of passion and attention of Giuseppe D'Ambra an ex seaman who collected exotic plants from all around the world, in fact he preserves exceptional botanical rarities.

Price: €15,00

Transfer service optional €8,00

Traditional dance course

On request

Have fun while learning the basic steps of Italian folkloristic dance as the “Tammurriata”, using tools and good music with our experienced teachers.

Horseback riding to Epomeo


An opportunity to discover new landscapes, unusual path along the woods over amazing island's views.

You'll be in contact with the energy, the beauty, the sounds and the fragrances of an uncontaminated nature.

It’s an easy riding, no experience is needed.

Duration of the tour: 2 hours

Price: €18,00

Epomeo a cavall...
Epomeo a cavallo Epomeo a cavallo

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