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Departure in the morning from the ports of Ischia to reach the main land where a bus will be waiting for you to reach the famous archeological site of Pompei.

A local guide will take you on a tour of the ancient city of Pompei destroyed by the Vesuvio eruption in 79 a.c

Duration of the tour: Full day

Price: €45,00 plus entrance fee €11,00

Optional transfer service from the hotel: €8,00p.p

Pompei - Scavi
Pompei - Scavi Pompei - Scavi

Pompei and Vesuvio


Tour Languages:
english English - Wednesday
german German - Wednesday, Sunday
russian Russian - Wednesday

Discovering the prosperous and opulent city of Pompei that was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvio in 79 AD and today is an important testimony of the Roman time. One of the most important archaeological site is practically a vast open-air museum. You'll visit the site together with a local guide for a trip back in time.

Later your driver will take you up to the Vesuvio nation park where an expert will describe you the geology,the history and the natural activities.

Departure from you hotel around 06:00am – return around 06:00pm.

Price : €54,00 for English and German speaking guided tour

€70,00 Russian speaking guided tour

Duration of the tour: full day

Tour Languages: English,German,Russian

Vesuvio - La ve...
Vesuvio - La vetta Vesuvio - La vetta

Pompei, Amalfi and Sorrento


Tour Language:
german German

To discover some of the most famous place of interest in Italy. First stop will be Pompei where a local guide will take you on a tour of the archeological site.

Later your bus driver will head toward Sorrento and Amalfi where you'll have free time to enjoy this lovely locations.

Departure early in the morning from the hotel.

Price: €54,00 plus entrance to the archeological site of €11,00

Duration of the tour: full day

Pompei - Vista ...
Pompei - Vista aerea Pompei - Vista aerea



The Royal Palace of Caserta has been declared a World Heritage Site, the largest royal residence in the world, it’s surrounded by a vast Italian style garden in which there are several fountains and water falls and an English style landscape caratherized by thick forests. Designed by Luigi Vanvitelli for the Bourbons of Naples , it is the last great work of the Italian Baroque with 1200 rooms and 1790 windows.

Possibility to make the tour of the parks by local minibus (optional) to admire this fantastic example of Italian architecture.

Duration of the tour: Full day

Price: €50,00




This is a city with a beating heart, rich in culture and with an excellent gastronomy, known as the city of the sun and Pizza. With this excursion you will enjoy a panoramic tour of the city by bus and after you guide will take you for a walk into the historical centre to visit Piazza Plebiscito, the Umberto’s Gallery and San Gregorio Armenio street. You will have free time in the afternoon during which you could go and see the San Severo Chapel where is preserved the sculpture of Raimondo Di Sangro , The veiled Christ or visit the underground city of Naples.

Duration of the tour: Full day

Price: €48,00

Napoli - Castel...
Napoli - Castel dell'Ovo Napoli - Castel dell'Ovo

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