Vivere Ischia

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Ischia is the major island in the Golf of Naples, it's and enchanted place which conquest all its visitors with the variety of sceneries, the magic of the best thermal waters, the history and gastronomy. It's a volcanic island with a surface of 46square km and a population of about 62,000 people. Ischia is also known as the green island for its reach nature and biodiversity but overall of its unique volcanic stone which is made of, called green Tuff.

Thanks to the thermal water running under the island’s surface, it’s possible to have an hot bath in several places around the coast even in the middle of the sea, like the famous Sorgeto Bay . Very famous are the Thermal Parks, true paradise corners absolutely not to miss. Ancient sources of mineral water together with the Aragonese Castle, the fishing village of Sant'Angelo, the Mortella Gardens, the Ravino gardens and much more site of interests are to be discovered.

The highest peak is called Epomeo and is about 800mt over the sea level. This is still an uncontaminated area surrounded by nature and beautiful path. Some of the island's coasts are part of the protected marine area called The kingdom of Neptune, a nice scuba divers destination. Thanks to its geographic position the weather is mild also during the winter season. Ischia is very famous and known for the effective thermal waters and that's why it's one of the most visited island in Italy. Beaches, gardens, pine woods and water springs are part of the island's territory which is divided in 6 commons:


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